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Thanks all of you on the ukulele club of Gothenburg for a lovely evening with a feeling of Albert Hall with a lot of sing along- here comes some videos with Uke on' Band.








Thanks Stockholm for a wonderful evening with a lot of marvellous artist and a lot of love.

Special thanks to our guest artist Linh!!! -you are fantastic!!


An old ragtime become a shuffle!!




Holliday seasons - relax with this video


Ukulele Blues Tutorial - the easy way to play juicy blues chords without changing the chord shape- check out the video!



Folks has requested tabs on my tunes and arr. - so here we go - a new website. Check out - www.tabsforfun.uke.se

Old song -new video to check out!


Almost new tune " Chili Pepper Bossa" - listen here.

Almost new video to check out!


Videos from a gigg 10 sept. 2016 at no1 Guitar shop - Uke on' Band



A new friend has arrived from Mya-Moe


Some new videos on tunes I have made

Hängbacka Blues



En Massa Bossa




Alders Place


Tanks Elof & Wamberg for a magic evening in the Domes of Vision Copenhagen, we will not forget the snowstorm either!


3 new reviews of ukuleles will be found in the gallery.

Follow the Uke On' Band at Facebook- facebook.com/ukeonband

The ukulele club of Göteborg has a new website: www.ukulelegbg.nu  

A new website for all ukulele lovers: James Hill has written 6 new books for solo playing and started a new website with videos and a community pages- check out here www.theukuleleway.com


Check out the ukulele school, now more than 1157 free chords in C and D tuning!

Ukulele "Big Band" arr. for 4 ukes - have fun with the tune "Brookfield Blossoms"

New song "Fall Raindrops" listen here here

2 new songs, "Gånglåt från Mästocka" and "Crawdad Song"  listen  here

Notes and teaching notes to the song "Gånglåt från Mästocka" in the latest issue of ukulele Yes! , the ukulele teacher's ezine
Ukulele Aerobics- make your left hand well-trained here.

Learn how to play "Grand Canon" a canon for 3 ukes and other tunes with your friend- check out the ukulele school -
Tunes arranged for 2 or more ukes.

James Hill is releasing his new album " man with a Love Song" 

If you have anything that you want to suggest or other things that you want to share? Please contact me.
I hope that you find something of interest at my home page and I apologize my Swedish English. ;-) Pelle 



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