Here I will present tunes  that I have made my selves or tunes that are no copyright on.  You are free to use the tunes and the tabs (that I have made) only for personal purpose. Click on the name of the tune for listen.
A tiny little rag  
Pentatonic Waltz  
Voice of spring Solo arrangement
1st Workshop song  
Fall Raindrops  The first sketch
Gånglåt från Mästocka notes and teaching notes see
Crawdad Song  traditional  
Grand Canon PDF
Ragdoll- audio is coming soon notes   PDF
Brookfield Blossoms PDF
Song to Blanca notes
Feel Free notes and tabs
Big Island video
Quarter past one video
Dear Sirs!  
Moore Talking  
Maoi waves video
Sus Surroundings notes and tabs
Sleepy Boogie  
Morning Glory  
Still working  
Ichtaa song  
Song to Anne  
Red Bag Blues  
Toppatakki Blues  
Walking tune  
Hula Roy  
The moon is still there  
Nice Blues Video
Hot Dog  
Up to the Hill  
NN Samba  
Walse Surprice  
Waiting for snow  
PMÖ Blues  
Weekend Rag